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What’s So Special About 1921

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Imagine you could turn back the clock to 1921. That year Louisiana adopted its method for taxing oil and gas. It’s a method that, by and large, is still in use today. In 1921, a loaf of bread cost 12 cents, gas was 10 cents a gallon and a Ford Model T cost $290. Louisiana […]

Telecom Merger Vote a Missed Opportunity to Improve Service

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The Louisiana Public Service Commission missed an opportunity to hold the state’s largest telecommunications company accountable for poor service when it favored AT&T’s merger with T-Mobile last month. Over the past 12 months I’ve had 639 telecom complaints in my North Louisiana PSC district, and 593 of them – more than 90 percent – were […]

Campbell: Standardize Cellphone Chargers

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It’s a simple idea. So simple it makes you wonder when it will become a reality. The idea is a standardized charger for all cellular telephones. Every time you buy a new cellphone, you have to purchase new home and auto chargers to power your phone. This is because the chargers that fit your old […]

Campbell to Bobby Jindal: Hands off School Trust Fund

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One of the fundamental duties of the Governor of Louisiana is to pay the bills. Highways must be paved, state troopers and state employees must be paid, and state hospitals and universities must serve our citizens. State Government is a $26-billion-per-year enterprise. Declines in state revenue have prompted some Governors, including Bobby Jindal, to propose […]